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February 21, 2019

Kalasha winner shines a light on gender violence


YouTube star Bobby says winning an award in the recent Kalasha Awards is a big achievement and an assurance that he is on the right steps towards his goals.

"I won the best student documentary. It is called 'No means no'. It is about gender violence and stopping gender violence in the society," he told Word Is last week.

"We went out to search for stories in the rural and urban areas to tell a story. This is my first documentary and it was number four in Africa. I really appreciate. This means now I can get to connect and I'm on the right path. When I do something I give it my all."

Bobby first made headlines on YouTube channel East Meets West, a platform that has now opened doors with its many viewers.

"As a creative and founder and creator of East Meets West, I felt like there was a gap that needed to be filled. It means people from a certain background meeting with other people from different backgrounds and changing the mindsets of people," he said.

The star opened up about how depression nearly led him astray and advised young people not to give up.

"Do not give up and don't give yourself excuses. The fact that I've won doesn't mean I can go with an award to the shop and show it to them. Life has to continue and life is not going to be easy," he said.

"Last year I couldn't finish my studies and I was depressed, almost committing suicide. I just know that God is good."

Bobby is already prepared for the greatness that is yet to come. "I'm working on a big project next year and this time around, I want to make sure the industry will see us. I'm ready to be at the same level," he said.

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