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November 15, 2018

EXPERT COMMENT: Observe letter, spirit of Constitution before changing

Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi
Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi

The 2010 Constitution allows any Kenyan to initiate changes to the document. The country's mood is that changes are needed, partly to shift political leadership. Others say clauses need to be strengthened to serve Kenyans better.

The positioning by political and other actors on reconfiguring the state by amending the Constitution is okay. Every person has a right to their opinions.

What we ask of political leaders and others clamouring for change is to make statements that unite country, not divide it.

It's premature to say this should be changed, that should not. What should happen and what Muslim leaders are doing is to collect views from other compatriots. Then we will sit down and compare notes.     

It is a question of selling what you think is right, listening to what others say and compromising between or among schools of thought.

Therefore, we ask all proponents of change to engage those opposed, those with no views and those with divergent views of what needs to be changed and how, or if the status quo should remain.

We expect improved governance, effective, fair and proper utilisation of resources and cohesion and harmony within society and with Kenya's neighbours.

Before talking of changes, we must recognise we have a problem implementing the Constitution we have. We are yet to live in its spirit and letter. Even if we change it tomorrow and still don't practice it, this will be a zero-some game.

We should ensure what was agreed on in 2010 is implemented fully and tested to the fullest. There should be stiff penalties for those who ignore, violate and work outside the rule of law.

Specifically, we should strengthen devolution in resource allocation and structure.

Before contemplating what to change, we must fully secure the gains of the 2010 Constitution and wholeheartedly fight against theft of public resources, which is a crime against Allah and Kenyans.

All this must be done in a sober manner with every Kenyan on board. 

The Chairman of the National Muslims Leadership Forum spoke to the Star

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