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December 18, 2018

[VIDEO] NLC goes after big shots who grabbed land in Kilifi scheme

A file photo of National Land Commission vice chair Abigael Mbagaya.
A file photo of National Land Commission vice chair Abigael Mbagaya.

Senior government officials and developers will appear before the National Land Commission today to explain how they obtained large parcels in the controversial Kilifi Jimba settlement scheme.

 The commission says it has unearthed illegal allocation and acquisition of prime land at the expense of residents.

 Persons expected to be quizzed include former officers who took part in the adjudication process and their colleagues in different ministries who allocated themselves land.

 NLC is also probing foreigners who are suspcted to have colluded with residents to obtain and sell land at exorbitant prices to unsuspecting clients years after a ban was imposed by the government in 1987.

 Some cartels obtained fake titles in the 1990s, despite the embargo on transactions and sold their parcels for millions of shillings before they vanished.

 The commission has been holding inquiries on how the allocations were done, with a view to lifting the 31-year embargo.

 The NLC is reviewing all allocations to determine genuine landowners in the 500-acre scheme.

 The NLC team led by acting chairperson Abigael Mbagaya had byTuesday dealt with more than 300 plots and allowed more than 80 per cent of the landowners to get titles.

 “We have had issues of multiple title deeds in one parcel of land. We must clean the mess, “Mbagaya said. Kilifi North MP Owen Baya attended the NLC hearings and has been fighting for his constituents to get land. 

“The settlement scheme was supposed to be allocated to locals. How could people from outside get huge parcels of land?” he asked. Baya wants squatters who invaded private or public land to be considered for allocation of land so that they get a rightful place to live legally.

 The NLC is currently reviewing land allocations in all settlementschemes at the Coast.

They include Chembe Kibambamche, Chakama, Ngomeni and Kijipwa.

 NLC acting head Mbagaya said squatters invade some lands because of absentee landlords.

 She said some people were conned by individuals who sold them “air” as they had no land ownership documents. 

She asked why people would buy land from people who did not have titles and go ahead to build permanent houses. 

Mbagaya said the NLC intends to lift the sale embargo on the entire Kilifi Jimba settlement scheme to enable residents get titles to develop their properties.

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