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December 13, 2018

Suspect IEBC poll contracts, Killer bus' blame game, ‘Rafiki’ gives LGBT a voice: Your Breakfast Briefing

Residents look at the wreckage of a bus that crashed near Fort Ternan along the Londiani-Muhoroni road in Kericho on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. /SONU TANU
Residents look at the wreckage of a bus that crashed near Fort Ternan along the Londiani-Muhoroni road in Kericho on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. /SONU TANU

Good Morning.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is this afternoon expected to join mourners, among them Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, for the burial of legendary Kikuyu pop musician Joseph Kamaru.

Kamaru's long music career can be defined as resilient. He never gave up even after White settlers destroyed his guitar.

The singer who died at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi last week aged 79 will be buried on Thursday at his Kaharati home, Kangema, in Murang'a county.

His passion for music started in Kahawa Barracks where he worked as a cook and cleaner. From his earnings, he was able to buy his first guitar. 

Weather forecast shows that most parts of the country continue to be wet with skies expected to be gloomy in Nairobi, rains in the Rift Valley and Central Kenya, showers at the Coast and thunderstorms in Western Kenya.

Here are the stories making headlines in the Star this Thursday.

Millions lost at IEBC in suspect contracts during polls – auditor general report shows

An audit report on the IEBC’s operations before last year’s elections has revealed a possible loss of millions of taxpayers’ money in suspicious contract deals.

Auditor General Edward Ouko in his analysis of the contracts awarded for the supply of goods and services used during the 2017 elections revealed the commission could not satisfactorily explain millions awarded to contractors and suppliers, some which were unqualified.

The report comes at a time the commission is struggling following the exit of up to four out of the seven commissioners.


Killer bus was on illegal night run

The Homeboyz bus that crashed and killed 56 people at Fort Lantern in Kericho county was on an illegal night run, Police Inspector General Joseph Boinett said on Wednesday.

He said police are seeking the owner and Sacco officials for violating traffic rules.

Kericho county police commander James Mugera said the accident occurred after the bus's brakes failed and the driver lost control as it was descending the black spot area. 

The Kakamega-bound bus operated under the Western Cross Express but the sacco has no office at the Machakos Upcountry PSV terminus. 


Kuttuny drafts Bill to create office of PM, Opposition leader

While a majority of Jubilee legislators and other proponents of a referendum are calling for abolishing of some positions, Cherang’any MP Joshua Kuttuny is proposing  creation of a position of Prime Minister.

His radical proposals are likely to put him in a collision with Deputy President William Ruto who is opposed to amending the 2010 Constitution to create more positions.

Kuttuny is also proposing the creation of two positions for Deputy Prime Ministers.

According to the MP, the Prime Minister and the two deputies shall be appointed by the President and approved by the National Assembly.

The Prime Minister, according to Kuttuny will be the head of government business in Parliament.


‘Rafiki’ film opens the door for homosexuals to open up

When I am around men, I feel insecure and vulnerable. I feel like they have bad intentions because of my past experiences with them. But when I am with girls, I feel more comfortable…

This is the experience of one woman who has opened up about her homosexuality after the ban on Rafiki film was lifted by the court.

‘Rafiki’, Kiswahili for ‘Friend’, is a movie directed by Kenyan film director Wanuri Kahiu. It revolves around a teenage lesbian affair between Ziki and Kena.

Initially, the movie was banned in Kenya for “glorifying homosexual behaviour”. But after Wanuri challenged the ban, the court allowed Kenyans seven days to see it.


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