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December 12, 2018

Road carnage in Kenya is nothing but a statistic

Kericho accident
Kericho accident

Fifty killed in one blow! But do they care?

 These are our leaders, bureaucrats and law enforcement agencies.

 The best they will do is send condolences from their air-conditioned offices, order for a crackdown on unroadworthy vehicles and, for PR purposes, donate coffins to the families of those killed in the Kericho road accident. 

After this, the dead and injured will just be part of the soaring statistics on Kenya's road carnage.

 We are not saying they have the magic wand to stop the deaths, but a robust and sustained campaign by those in authority will definitely help save lives and stem the senseless deaths.

 There are clear guidelines and laws on the standards of fabricating PSV vehicles, inspection, passenger numbers, speed limits and alcohol testing, but does anyone bother to enforce?

 Yesterday's accident happened almost 300 kilometres from Nairobi, yet no police officer at the myriad road blocks realized that the bus was overloaded. How could they, yet at each of these stops a derisory Sh100 made them turn a blind eye?

 Passengers are on their own. Their destinies are in their hands. Even if you are the lone voice in that vehicle, please speak out for you could just save the timid majority.

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