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December 16, 2018

Corridors of Power

Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka addresses leaders from Kisii and Nyamira County's at the Wiper Offices today.
Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka addresses leaders from Kisii and Nyamira County's at the Wiper Offices today.

So, what is Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s political game plan? Is he hoping for an endorsement from ODM chief Raila Odinga for the presidency in 2022 or is he laying his own strategy? Kalonzo’s declaration that he would be ‘mad’ to support Raila for the third time for president has set tongues wagging. There are claims of deep suspicions in Nasa despite the public show of camaraderie between Raila, Kalonzo and ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi. It is said persistent declarations by Raila’s allies that he will be in the ballot in 2022 is the cause of the silent friction. Political realignments seem to be looming.

A former Cabinet minister has become a thorn in the flesh of MPs. Lawmakers from his area are openly dodging him and ignoring his phone calls. When not asking leaders for financial favours, the former MP is said to be sending his relatives to the lawmakers, seeking employment connections. One MP was overheard narrating how the ex-minister has become a bother. He told colleagues how the former MP sent seven youths to his office in two weeks with job requests.

Staff at KBC in Mombasa are a disgruntled lot. The men’s toilet has blocked for the last one month. No repairs have been done. The women’s toilet is in a poor state. The staff claim Sh1 million for maintenance is remitted quarterly to the finance department, but fake receipts are issued to account for the money. For months, they say vehicles have either not been fuelled or broken down, forcing scribes to walk to assignments. The compound is overgrown with grass because there is no money to pay lawnmowers. They want the finance department to be investigated.

A first-time MP is the talk of town. Last weekend, he was spotted at a famous city restaurant sandwiched between beauties. The vocal and youthful lawmaker merrily chatted with the girls. He seems to have forgotten that he still bears the title of ‘mheshimiwa’. A mole who tipped Corridors on the mischievous behaviour of the legislator wondered why he could not seek a private place, which is not flocked by prying eyes.

Still on MPs, one who is believed to have pocketed a hefty bribe recently is now a sad man. Corridors has gathered that the lawmaker took and hid the millions of shillings at home. Unfortunately, his wife discovered the hideout, eloped and took off with the cash to a neighbouring country. The legislator is afraid to confront the wife because she might alert the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officials.

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