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January 24, 2019

Woman arrested after attempt to sell her newborn for Sh1,200

A woman accused of stealing a baby at Kenyatta National Hospital./COURTESY
A woman accused of stealing a baby at Kenyatta National Hospital./COURTESY

A woman has been arrested after she attempted to sell her three-week-old child for Sh1,200 at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

The 34-year-old mother of seven had planned to sell the baby girl to another woman who hails from Rongai immediately after she was discharges from the hospital.

Ann Wangui from Njoro had delivered an underweight baby, and doctors put the baby in the incubator for three weeks before she was discharged yesterday in the afternoon.

Dorcas Nanjala, whom she wanted to sell the baby to, had also been admitted to the hospital but her baby died few days after delivery.

“I was discharged three days later and I have been mourning the loss at my home in Rongai. Someone called me on Sunday and told me I had been admitted with her in the same ward and disclosed that there was someone who had delivered a baby, a girl like mine, but was not willing to keep her. She claimed to have obtained my contacts during the period we were admitted,” Nanjala said.

“I shared the information with my husband and we decided to visit the hospital suspecting the child who had died was not ours."

The suspect asked Nanjala for Sh1,200 in exchange for the baby but directed her to come with baby clothes.

Nanjala was directed to arrive at the hospital gate at 11.00am, where the deal would be sealed immediately after her discharge from the facility.

Nanjala first reported the proposed deal to Nakuru Central police station, where two plainclothes officers escorted her to the hospital with the items that had been asked for.

Wangui walked into the nursery and emerged holding the child after few minutes. The detectives pounced on the suspect.

As the officers and medics questioned her, her husband, Wilson Mungai, arrived with an assortment of baby clothes ready to walk home with her family.

He was, however, shocked after learning his wife had planned to give away their child without informing him.

“I am totally unaware of the plans to give away the child. My wife called me in the morning saying she would be discharged today and that is why am here for them,” Mungai said.

At first, Wangui denied having planned to sell her child. She later admitted that her actions were as a result of pressure from her mother who criticized her for “poor family planning”.

Mungai expressed his disappointment over the incident saying that he has been working hard to ensure that his family was provided for.

Medical superintendent Dr Joseph Mburu said the woman could have been taken for a mental check up and investigate what could have necessitated her to sale the baby.

“After our investigations, it revealed that the mother of seven comes from a very humble background. There are claims that her kin have been accusing her of siring to many children she could not take care of hence suffered a postpartum effects after delivery. We suggest she be taken for a mental check up to check her mental status,” said Dr. Mburu.

The baby has been retained at the hospital while the woman was taken to Nakuru Central police station.

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