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February 17, 2019

Official orders background checks on Gem non-residents to end crime

The Kenya Police crime of scene during a crime scene
The Kenya Police crime of scene during a crime scene

Gem deputy county commissioner Geoffrey Mayama wants all outsiders vetted to fight rising crime.

He spoke during a security meeting at Nyangweso on Tuesday. Mayama blamed the influx of outsiders for increased insecurity.

The deputy county commissioner instructed chiefs and assistant chiefs to vet all outsiders before permitting them into the area.

Mayama said everyone who works in the subcounty as a labourer or a business person should be subjected to a background check before they are allowed to continue living in the area.

He criticised residents for only complaining when crime has been committed.

“The only time you will hear people complaining is when an outsider has committed a crime yet they stay with many of them without clear knowledge of their background,” Mayama said.

bring documents

He asked outsiders working as security guards to provide valid documents from their local chiefs.

The official said some outsiders “have even inherited women”.

“We urge all non-residents to bring their documents. Outsiders found to be clean will be allowed to continue with their work but outsiders with criminal backgrounds will be sent away,” Mayam said.

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