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February 19, 2019

Mutua is condemning young girls to death


The CEO of the Kenya Film Classification board Ezekiel Mutua has once again overstepped the boundaries of his authority.

His job is to monitor films being shown in Kenya but he now wants to ban a radio advert from Marie Stopes.

He says the offending radio advert "targets teenage girls by giving them alternatives to unwanted or unplanned pregnancies".

Does that mean that Mutua is in favour of unwanted pregnancies? If so, he is extremely callous.

Seven girls die every day in Kenya from botched backstreet abortions.

Seven women die everyday from botched abortions

Marie Stopes is not advocating abortion. It is just saying that fewer young women will die if they are better informed on contraception and sexual health. Babies should be the result of choice and not chance.

Marie Stopes provides health education to young women so that they control their own lives. Mutua wants to return to the dark ages where girls become casualties of ignorance.

If Ezekiel Mutua gets his way, he will condemn some of these girls to death every day.

Quote of the day: "He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak."

Michel de Montaigne

The French philosopher died on September 13, 1592.






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