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January 21, 2019

I’m close to Raila but haven’t deserted Mudavadi — Malala

Kakamega County Senator Cleophas Malala. May 9, 2018. Photo/Jack Owuor
Kakamega County Senator Cleophas Malala. May 9, 2018. Photo/Jack Owuor

Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala won’t stop working with NASA leader Raila Odinga despite ‘threats’ from his ANC party.

Yesterday, he accused ANC officials of pressuring him to abandon Raila. Malala, nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi and Vihiga senator George Khaniri are considered rebels in ANC because of their close association with ODM.

“I have no problem working with [Musalia] Mudavadi and ANC officials, but it is not realistic that I shake off Raila,” he said in Kakamega town.

He said he has been insulted and called names but that will not deter him from working with the ODM leader for the good of the country.

Malala took a swipe at ANC secretary general Barrack Muluka for sending him letters demanding he ceases his relationship with Raila.

Muluka swiftly dismissed the claims as “cheap propaganda meant to gain cheap publicity”. He said the legislator has been bandying unpalatable words that show disrespect to Mudavadi.

He denied writing letters to Malala and challenged him to produce any.

“We have only written to MCAs show-cause letters. Malala should be bold enough to produce a letter he received from the party. It’s unfortunate that even greenhorn politicians like Malala now purport to know more than Mudavadi, his party leader,” Muluka said.

Last week, ANC wrote to its Kakamega and Vihiga MCAs who, together with their ODM counterparts, attended a secret meeting with DP William Ruto in Nairobi. It demanded that they explain why they should not be disciplined for their action.

They responded in public that they had a right to meet the DP and dared the party to discipline them.

Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali (Jubilee) has urged Western politicians to divorce Raila. He said the handshake between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta was targeting Luhya professionals in government.

Washiali also called for a constitutional amendment to expand the executive so more interests are accommodated to foster unity.

“We need the face of Kenya to be reflected in the executive. This can only be realised by amending the Constitution. Our sugar factories are collapsing, illegal sugar is getting into the country and [our people are] being left out of government appointments because we don’t have a representative at the top,” he said.

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