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December 19, 2018

Rasanga ‘to run’ for senator in next poll

Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga addressing residents at Hawing in Siaya on Monday
Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga addressing residents at Hawing in Siaya on Monday

Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga has hinted he might run for the Senate seat in 2022. Rasanga said he has the energy and will not bow out of the political stage and into retirement anytime soon because “the county still needs my ideas and leadership skills”.

Addressing residents at Hawinga in Siaya on Monday, the governor said residents have already given him the go-ahead to continue serving. “Who am I to refuse such an honour of becoming the Siaya senator in 2022 when residents have already blessed me,” Rasanga said.

He said for now, he will focus on his legacy as the first Siaya governor to allow him to transition easily to the senator’s seat in 2022.

“I know apart from the residents’ blessings, my development track record will also play a major role in ensuring that I am not sent to the political cold anytime soon,” Rasanga said.

He urged residents not to lose track and stay focused on service delivery, adding he will inform them of his ambitions at the right time.

Rasanga’s sentiments come days after Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi’s supporters pushed for him to take over from the governor.

However, there is a likelihood of a political pandemonium on the position of the governorship in Siaya in 2022 as Senator James Orengo’s supporters are also pushing for him to get the seat.

Orengo and Wandayi have not publicly said they will run for governor, but their supporters have been pushing for them to declare their interest.

Wandayi told his supporters to be patient until the right time to start campaigns. The Ugunja MP said he is weighing his options and will inform his supporters of his decision at the right time. “But for now let us support the governor to deliver on his development agenda rather than disturbing him with our political ambitions,” Wandayi said.

But Orengo said aspirants are free to declare their interest at anytime.

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