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February 19, 2019

Corridors of Power

Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet Declares.
Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet Declares. PHOTO/COURTESY

Is Inspector of Police Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett aware of atrocities and abuse of human rights by Police officers in Huruma Police Station, Nairobi? The law enforcers have totally turned against citizens contrary to modern day policing that is supposed to involve the community. Instead, cane anyone they find on the way for no apparent reason. After several counts of canes, the innocent victims are then bundled into a standby vehicle and taken to police stations where they are forced to part with hefty bribes that are allegedly shared with the bosses. What is baffling is that many of the officers who openly ask for bribes even in drinking joints are newly posted to the station.


A senior Treasury official seems to have extended Kenya’ poor debt management practices to his doorstep. His property in Ongata Rongai is facing the auctioneer’s axe. Although it is not known how much the Ivy League-schooled economist owes his debtors, Garam Investments Auctioneers will sell his two five-story flats in Ongata behind Tusky’s supermarket. Now some louts were heard asking whether the official’s poor financial management skills, despite previously working for the IMF, have something to do with Kenya swimming in huge public debt.


Were rowdy Nairobi MCAs who stormed Speaker Beatrice Elachi’s office and caused chaos inebriated? Photos which emerged on Monday evening moments after the drama at City Hall showed at least six MCAs in a drinking binge of White Cap and Jack Daniels at a club before they stormed Elachi’s office. Notably, the six captured in the photos enjoying the bottle went amok during the stalemate and behaved in a manner that depicted them to be under the influence.


Soft-spoken but firm Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet is a marked man. Rumours are swirling about his imminent exit from the top job. A shadowy group has published a dossier in which Boinnet is accused of ensuring three quarters of the top officers at high decision making level in the service are all from the Rift Valley. His enemies swear it is not by accident that officers from Rift Valley occupy most jobs at the top of the service. They believe he has engineered all the promotions to ensure his favourites make ascend even after his departure. A bird whispers that he will be lucky to mark Christmas at Jogoo House.


Just who is behind the mass purchase of local dailies in Migori town and what is their interest? Corridors has learnt that some people in three different personal vehicles have made it a habit of buying off the dailies from vendors as early as 6 AM, leaving nothing to the readers who search for them from 9am in vain. It began last week.

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