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February 23, 2019

Series Review: Sisters, the gripping new Netflix drama


STARRING: Lucy Durack, Antonia Prebble, Maria Angelico, Dan Spielman, Charlie Garber, Zindzi Okenyo

DIRECTED BY: Susanna Fogel

GENRE: Drama, comedy

RELEASE DATE:  September 1


At 30 years old, we pretty much think we’ve seen all there is to life. But what if suddenly, everything you thought was real was nothing but a well-kept secret? 

When Julius Bechly realises he is on his deathbed, he exposes his own secret. Although he is a Noble Prize-winning reproductive scientist, Julius exposes himself as the anonymous sperm donor to many of his patients, fathering over 100 children. 

Julius’ daughter Julia had no idea about her father’s secret. She decides to invite all the people who were conceived at her father’s clinic for a meet-up. They also all take a DNA test that will confirm their paternity. 

However, when a previous lover of Julia’s shows up, she realises what a bad idea this was. With possibly 100 progenies sired by Julius, only three are girls: Julia, Roxy and Edie. 

Although Edie and Julia have been friends since childhood, they have a lot of issues to resolve. The sisters are not only tied by DNA but also by their individual challenges, forcing them to find friendship in each other.

The storyline of the show is unique. Even though it addresses a universal theme of sisterhood, it manages to remain relevant and gripping through its portrayal. The sibling squabbles, the drama and the endless love, are all too familiar for those of us with sisters. But the idea of suddenly having a sibling at 30 years old is what keeps the show us hooked to the show. The seven-episode miniseries is a captivating blend of drama, humour and human interest.

Star Rating: 4/5

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