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February 19, 2019

Don’t drag Duale into Korane’s woes, say elders

Abduwak elder Sultan Sambul at his residence on Friday. He was with elders from the seven Abduwak subclans /STEPHEN ASTARIKO
Abduwak elder Sultan Sambul at his residence on Friday. He was with elders from the seven Abduwak subclans /STEPHEN ASTARIKO
Elders from the Abduwak clan on Friday defended National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale, saying he is not behind Garissa governor Ali Korane’s woes.
They said those trying to connectthe MP with the governor’s problems are out to malign him.
Elder Sultan Sambul dismissed claims by Aden Gamadid and a section of elders that Duale was behind the questioning of Korane over attempted murder of former Garissa finance executive Idriss Mukhtar.
Mukhtar is fighting for his life at a Nairobi hospital. He was shot on August 19 at a shopping mall in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.
On Thursday, Gamadid accused Duale of influencing the ‘arrest’ of Korane.  “I want to say without fear of contradiction that it is Duale who was behind all this. He has completely made it difficult for the governor to discharge his duties. It is hypocritical of him to start opposing him when he was the one who campaigned for him,” Gamadid said.
Korane was questioned and released. He has said his political enemies are behind his woes.
Mukhta was reported planning to raise the issue of Korane’s academic qualifications for the job.
Elder Sambul, speaking on behalf of elders from the seven Abduwak subclans, termed Gamadid’s statement ‘personal’.
“Before me are representatives from the seven subclans recognised by the Abduwak clan. We strongly condemn those heavily worded statements by Gamadid. His sentiments are meant to divide our clan,” Sultan Dekhow said.
“By extension, he is trying to create animosity between Duale and Korane when in the real sense there is nothing between them. We will not allow him to divide us.”
They urged police to have Gamadid record statement over his claims. “We are concerned by the anxiety caused by yesterday’s statement. We urge our people to remain calm and not allow a few individuals to divide them,” Sambul said.
Reached for comment, Duale rubbished the claims and called Gamadid a “political broker who is out to seek cheap publicity”.
Gamadid said he stands by what he said and would not be silenced by anybody, including Duale.
Both Duale and Korane hail from the same subclan — Rer Yahya. During the general election, Duale vigorously campaigned for Korane. In 2007, Duale defeated Korane for the Dujis parliamentary seat.
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