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February 16, 2019

Embu Hospital CEO kicked out for ‘slapping’ doctor over lateness

Embu Level 5 Teaching and Referral Hospital CEO Moses Njue on April 5 / REUBEN GITHINJI
Embu Level 5 Teaching and Referral Hospital CEO Moses Njue on April 5 / REUBEN GITHINJI

Former chief government pathologist Moses Njue has been suspended as CEO of Embu Level 5 Teaching and Referral Hospital for allegedly slapping a female doctor.

Njue reportedly hit Mary Njoroge in unclear circumstances. He denies the accusation, calling it nonsense.

Health workers on Monday staged a day-long work boycott during which they camped at Njue’s office.

They sang and chanted slogans against him, before marching to the county headquarters to demand his sacking.

Njue habitually insults medics, said enya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union Upper Eastern secretary general Mark Ndung’u and nurses union secretary Joseph Ngwaci.

Responding to the boycott, Embu county secretary Johnson Nyagah, Health executive Jamleck Muturi and workers’ representatives held a closed-door meeting.

Then Nyagah came out to announce the Njue’s immediate suspension.

“Following an outcry occasioned by an allegation by Dr Mary Njoroge against the CEO of Embu Level 5 Hospital, the executive has deliberated and resolved to restructure the hospital’s management pending further investigations,” Nyagah said.

He said Daniel Njeru, a neurosurgeon, will be acting CEO.

Njoroge said the CEO, who was accompanied by other hospital officers, confronted her as she arrived to attend to outpatients.

Njue scolded her in the presence of the patients and the officers before slapping her in the face, the doctor said. 

She said following the incident she was traumatised, embarrassed and unable to work.

But Njue denied the allegations, terming them as absolute nonsense. 

“It sounds to me very childish that an adult can talk like that. She doesn’t want to be supervised and asked why she is late,” he said. 

“The nurses were there, my security system was there, the CCTVs were there. Let her produce evidence. She just did not wish to submit to any supervision. It’s as simple as that. I am even surprised to hear her saying she was slapped.”

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