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November 21, 2018

Trendsetter: Band Beca are builders of contemporary Kenyan pop

Band Beca
Band Beca

Before they jumped into the scene, the musical duo Band Beca would only showcase their capabilities at Penya Africa’s Sauti Academy. That’s where Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru built a musical sisterhood, joined the first syllables of their first names and formed the amazing duo. 

By then, it was already evident that the girls had the vocal talent that would propel their careers, and indeed the outcome when they released their first single was tremendous.

Born almost two worlds apart, at first sight, you’d easily assume they are sisters. They are not, but music brought them together. They recall being selected for the Coke Studio performances as one of their most uplifting moments. Working with spectacular superstars like AKA and Olamide could be quite nerve-wracking, but the girls handled it like they deserved it. 

Usually, if you’ve listened to Band Beca perform an acapella version, whether it’s their own original or a cover, they are always in tune. They seem to read each other’s minds and just know the perfect time to chime in. Their sound is so cohesive, their harmonies so liquid, it’s hard to imagine one without the other. This not limited to the music. If you actually sat to observe them engage in a discussion, you would be amused by the fluidity of ideas being explored.

With their undying bond, they have consistently been releasing pop tracks with mature thematic concerns that have maintained their relevance. It’s tracks like “Brathe” “Tonight” and “1234” that positioned them top of the artiste-to-watch list. They are now onto new projects, with their latest tune, “Ride or Die”, already creating a buzz. Soon we could experience their first major compilation, maybe an EP.

What we know about Band Beca is that they want us to see what they are capable of. Their music resonates with many because it embraces modernity, while still staying true to the duo’s individual realities. The good thing is that we know we’ve received more than enough until their next release.

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