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February 17, 2019

Nyandarua rep calls truce in county wars

Nyandarua woman rep,Faith Gitau,speak at Mairo Inya,Ndaragwa,on Tuesday
Nyandarua woman rep,Faith Gitau,speak at Mairo Inya,Ndaragwa,on Tuesday

Nyandarua Woman Representative Faith Gitau has moved to reconcile the county executive and the assembly.

Last week, suppremacy battles between the two arms of government culminated in a failed attempt to impeach two Nyandarua executives.

Gitau said leaders must respect each other despite their political diffeences.

She spoke at Mairo Inya in Ndaragwa on Tuesday during the burial of five people who perished in an accident at Kianugu on Nyahururu-Nyeri road on Thursday last week.

"I want to say all of us were elected by the people. Not a single leader is the master of the other," she said.

Gitau said no resident should be denied services or opportunity by the county government because their dissenting local leaders.

Her sentiments were informed by complains by Nyandarua leader of majority and Leshau Pondo MCA Kamau Gathungu.

The MCA claimed that youths from his ward were being denied road maintenance jobs because of his stand against corruption.

Gathungu complained that 50 young men were denied the jobs. “I am opposed to corrupt CECs.This is morally wrong and even in the eyes of God,” he said.

Governor Francis Kimemia, who was also present, echoed Gitau’s call for unity and respect among leaders.

"Even God is not pleased by differences and noise among the leaders elected by the people," he said.

Kimemia said his administration gives equal services and opportunities regardless of political affilitation of the beneficiaries.

Kiriita MCA Justus Gaita asked leaders stop hypocrisy and work together.

Gubernatorial contestant in 2017 elections, Moses Kiarie alias Badilisha,said leaders elected leaders have no choice but to deliver.

Kiarie came second in the election, after which he was dubbed the 'official opposition leader' in Nyandarua.

"We the official opposition decided to keep silent to give the government a chance to work. Be assured we shall not keep quiet any more. The official opposition will put you on your toes.Don’t blame us for playing politics, you must deliver to the people’s expectations," he said.

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