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February 17, 2019

LEON LIDIGU: Of immature women who don’t value their husband’s surnames

"Immature women who have made marriage a political affair."
"Immature women who have made marriage a political affair."

The sanctity of marriage must be respected.

I have grown so weary of the constant arguments all over social media instigated by petty feminists who do not have a grasp on what real feminism is all about.

How one even entertains a thought like, ‘ a woman has to choose whether she wants to take the last name of her husband or not ’ should not even be subject to discussion anywhere.

In fact, the Bible is very clear on how exactly marriage should roll out. Ephesians 5:31: "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." The symbolism of adopting your husband’s name is of great importance for the union . Men are also territorial just like any other male species that exists.


Have you ever wondered why God in his own wisdom created all the other animals in pairs but decided to create man before woman?

Don’t get me wrong ,marriage is the gateway to the most precious unit on earth known as family. We endlessly recited, ‘ father is the head of the family ’ remember? Of course I take note that some of us are born in single parent or orphaned families which I tremendously acknowledge but you get the point I guess.

Immature women, who have made marriage a political affair (or some kind of NASA rally ), commercialised relationships or even made them about blue subarus, plastic money, Dubai trips, and many other materialistic ventures, must stop!

They are misleading the new generation of young girls.

No wonder some are deeply and shamelessly living in utopia to an extent that they are now plagiarising babies on Instagram apart from shoes and recipes.

Be wise young girls , don’t listen to tired girls who probably have spend most of their time and chances playing Joseph Thompson with old money and are now bitter with nothing to show for it.


The misconception that adopting your man’s name makes you some sort of property is a big fat lie.

Interesting enough, a feminist like Michelle Obama who has adopted husband’s name did not even object. Has it stopped her from being successful in life? Or being by his side and helping running America? Which is what a submissive woman is supposed to do. Society should be able to tell who the man in the relationship is.

Do you remember when Amal took up the surname of George Clooney? Neanderthal feminists immediately played jury and decided that women like her suffer serious detriment to their careers when they change it.

Like really? Have you seen Mary Kilobi Atwoli stop doing news because her new found love took her in the other day in a traditional ceremony ? Having the same last name is a tradition of marriage as a civil agreement.


The thought of having a Mrs Lidigu in the next 10-15 years gives me a mind erection I must confess. (Screams in joy..)

It, however, baffles me whenever I read online comments like , “ If I want to "be with" a man and he with me, why can't we just agree to be together and that's that?

Why all of the vows, rings, stigma, government involvement and harsh rules? Marriage is a business. It's not about love or emotional's about feeling like you can rightfully own another person.

When you take his surname, It implies that you are part of his family. It is very important for your identity as a family unit. I respect and admire the couples that shine the way for millennials to learn from.

We must learn never to argue with both science and the bible at the same time. Our disrespect and disregard for the sanctity of marriage explains why domestic violence is served at the top of the hour almost daily.

Leon Lidigu is a student of Journalism at Pacific University, India

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