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February 21, 2019

Stop interfering in Bungoma’s affairs, Speaker Lusaka warned

Ken Lusaka after he was sworn into office as the speaker of the Senate after he won by 42 votes on August 31, 2017. Photo/Jack Owuor
Ken Lusaka after he was sworn into office as the speaker of the Senate after he won by 42 votes on August 31, 2017. Photo/Jack Owuor

Ford Kenya leaders have accused Senate speaker Ken Lusaka of sabotaging Bungoma county operations.

Secretary general David Eseli and deputy governor Charles Ngome on Sunday warned Lusaka to stop his ill-intended mission.

They said the speaker frequently visits the county to frustrate Governor Wycliffe Wangamati. Lusaka dismissed the claims as “pure jazz”.

Simiyu said: "During the 2017 election campaigns, Lusaka used to accuse Senator Moses Wetang’ula of frustrating his administration."

"He blamed him for his failure to govern. Let him concentrate on his duties and stop fighting our governor."

He spoke at Eluhya Girl’s High School, Tongaren constituency, where they opened a library.

Simiyu said Lusaka has been organising day and night meetings in Nairobi and Bungoma to plot how to ensure Wangamati’s administration fails.

"Let Lusaka deal with his assignments at the Senate. Let him leave Wangamati and Ngome to do their work."

"He is always fighting them instead of performing his national duties. I beseech him to stop his frequent meetings and allow the county government do its job," he said.

Ngome told Lusaka to give them room and space to deliver to residents. He rejected claims he had insulted the Senate boss.

"There is nowhere we can meet. I have never insulted Lusaka. I’ve just been telling him to give us peace and leave us to serve the electorate without too much interference," Ngome said.

Yesterday, Lusaka laughed off the allegations. He said he is used as a scapepgoat. Lusaka said he should not be blamed for someone else’s failure and told the leaders to focus on serving the people.

"I’m ready and willing whenever called upon to team up with the current county leadership for the sake of developement," he told the Star on the phone.

Last week, Lusaka cautioned against disrespecting other leaders.

"We served Bungoma and did what people can see. We left office after the election and went elsewhere. I’m surprised I’ve remained his development agenda," he said.

Lusaka urged Ngome to talk about his growth projects. He said residents are more concerned about how their lives can be improved. He said he acknowledged Wangamati’s victory after the last election.

"I've always respected and supported him. I’m surprised his deputy has found a hobby in abusing me on a daily basis. Ngome has continued to say I’m a devil. I’m a god-fearing man," he said.

He said he is a national leader and should be respected. The speaker said he is ready to work with other leaders to promote development at his backyard.

Ngome said he has only been criticising Lusaka for failing to tarmac the Misikhu-Brigidiar road.

He said Sh500,000 meant for the project disappeared mysteriously and the current administration had to  factor in some cash in the current budget. He said the former county chief was to blame.

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