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February 21, 2019

Rosemary Odinga speaks out after long absence

Rosemary Odinga leaves a rally in Kamukunji grounds, Kibera /COLLINS KWEYU
Rosemary Odinga leaves a rally in Kamukunji grounds, Kibera /COLLINS KWEYU

In an interview with the Star, Rosemary said, “My year has been great so far. I thank the Lord for all the blessings. My family and my friends have also been wonderful to me. I can’t really complain. I take a day at a time.”

The former Kibra MP aspirant has been off the social and political scene for quite some time. When asked about the handshake between her dad, Raila, and President Kenyatta she said, “I have not been active in politics for a while but I think any initiative that works to unite Kenyans and promote economic development is welcome.”

Rosemary, who grew up in one of Kenya’s most powerful political families, says it is not always rosy. “Politics has been part of my life. It has its ups and downs. Good moments and trying times.”

Like many other Kenyans, she has joined Ugandans online in the #FreeBobiWine campaign and her message is; “I feel for him and his beautiful family. I join others in demanding his release.”

Rosemary advised young aspiring politicians not to be afraid to try it out. “If you feel you have something to offer in terms of political leadership, go for it. Take the initiative and fight for what you believe in,” she said

Rosemary, who was the only snail farmer in Kenya, said she quit the business because she has not been available to give it the personal attention it needed.

She is a sports lover and would organise tournaments in her home region but ever since she fell ill, we’ve not seen her in action.  “I have not been in a position to do my social work. Hopefully in the near future I will resume.”

So, is she considering running for office in the next general election? “There are more important things I am focused on right now. There is time for everything.”

The mother of two concludes by saying, “My daughters are my source of joy and strength. I am grateful to have them.”

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