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December 10, 2018

Waiganjo fake cop case delayed, ruling not ready

Joshua Waiganjo in a Milimani law court / FILE
Joshua Waiganjo in a Milimani law court / FILE
Alleged police impostor Joshua Waiganjo and two former police bosses will wait longer for a ruling on application to recall witnesses.
Principal magistrate Joe Omido yesterday said the ruling is not ready. The ruling is set for September 20. State prosecutor Sandrah Kosgey had made an application urging the High Court to stop the proceedings before a lower court and recall key witnesses.
Waiganjo said failure by the prosecution to present the overall investigative officer’s findings was a clear sign the state has nothing against him. Waiganjo is charged with illegal possession of government equipment and impersonation.
Former anti-stock theft boss Remy Ngugi said he was rarely mentioned by the witnesses who testified and he had no links to Waiganjo. Former Rift Valley Provincial police boss John M’Mbijiwe said he was framed and he did not know Waiganjo.
M’Mbijiwe and Ngugi have denied abuse of office and protecting Waiganjo, who masqueraded as a senior police officer for years without detection.
M’Mbijiwe is said to have ordered a ‘personal’ file opened in Waiganjo’s name to pass him off as a police reservist on November 23, 2012. He is said to have allowed him to ride in a police helicopter during a security mission to Baragoi on October 30, 2012, prior to the Suguta Valley massacre where 42 officers were killed.
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