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November 21, 2018

Let state agencies probe sugar report, Kwale MP urges

Kwale woman representative Zuleikha Juma addresses locals at Mwereni Secondary school. /FILE
Kwale woman representative Zuleikha Juma addresses locals at Mwereni Secondary school. /FILE

Kwale county woman representative Zuleikha Juma has asked state agencies to take over investigations into the contraband sugar report, instead of leaving it to the House.

The truth about the report should be revealed without wasting more public funds, Juma said. 

“The report on the sugar probe should be investigated by special investigative agencies. If we take it back to Parliament, it will be a waste of resources,” she said. 

Juma spoke during the Mama Kwale county football tournament at Mwereni Secondary School on Sunday.

“The war on contraband sugar has been going on for long. It’s only that it has intensified this time. But all this mess has been brought about by corruption,” the MP said. 

The National Assembly joint committee investigating the saga has been accused of being compromised by the sugar barons.

Bribery claims rocked Parliament two weeks ago as MPs ganged up to trash a committee report on sugar that had implicated Cabinet secretaries Henry Rotich (Treasury) and Adan Mohamed (EAC).

Debate was punctuated by protests and claims of bribery from across the divide as MPs closed ranks to jettison recommendations against Rotich, Adan and former Agriculture CS Willy Bett.

In the most ignoble scene yet, lawmakers were seen openly scrambling for Sh30,000 allegedly dished out to shoot down the report.

It all began ten minutes before the afternoon sitting with the suspect movement of legislators to a room in the New Wing Bar of the Senate where the ‘facilitation’ fee was quickly dished out.

The lawmakers formed a long queue as an MP from Rift Valley held a list allegedly containing names of beneficiaries. 

It was not clear who gave out the money to be distributetd or whom it was meant to protect. Some MPs have denied the bribery claims.

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