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December 11, 2018

I was a pastor before – Amos

Amos & Josh
Amos & Josh
Amos, from the popular singing duo Amos and Josh, will be focusing on his Christian life besides his music.
Amos told Word Is: "I cant talk about splitting with Josh because I have been doing music with him and therefore it is good if we can answer that as Amos and Josh and not as an individual.
"However, I am not planning to be a pastor. I have been a pastor since TPF though it is a wider conversation that I may not explain now. If I was an individual artiste, I would speak and even say if we are splitting or not.
"If I was a Muslim, you would not ask me if I would continue to do music but I have been a Christian ever since TPF. It is who I am so whether I join theology school or become a pastor, there is a reason and I seek God the way I want so it has nothing to do with me leaving music or there is no place we draw a line regarding that. We have been church boys, it is only natural for me to seek God in a deeper way and try to learn more."
Amos and Josh came back into limelight a few months ago after close to a year of silence and will be releasing an album soon. They were thrust into the limelight thanks to their endearing show of talent on Tusker Project Fame Season Six in 2013.
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