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February 21, 2019

Kebs officials, company officers face charges over inferior sugar

Ali Abdi, Samuel Omolo, Daniel Khamba with Peter Nzui in court / MALEMBA MKONGO
Ali Abdi, Samuel Omolo, Daniel Khamba with Peter Nzui in court / MALEMBA MKONGO

Six people, including two officials from Kebs and two companies, have been charged in connection with release of substandard Egyptian brown sugar.

Those jointly charged were Kebs officials Samuel Omolo and Daniel Khamba; Peter Nzui, company directors Ali Abdi, Hassan Abdi and Abdullahi Abdi, Flora Bakers Limited and Airmenzies International.

They face seven counts of allowing release of the brown sugar. Hassan and Abdullahi, who are directors of Flora Bakers, did not appear before court and a warrant of arrest was issued against them. Omolo and Khamba were jointly charged with unlawfully authorising the release of 5,000 bags of 50kg Egyptian brown sugar.

The two, who are an inspection manager and officer at Kilindini port, were accused of releasing the substandard sugar alongside 5,000 bags of 50kg each to Flora Bakers.

The sugar’s moisture is alleged to have exceeded the Kenyan standards.

The two also face charges of entering into an agreement permiting release of substandard sugar.

The court was told that on July 11 in Mombasa county, the two officials agreed with Airmenzies International to permit release of 10,000 bags of 50kg Egyptian brown sugar which failed to comply with Kenyan standards.

Nzui, being a health officer at Kilindini port, was also accused of abuse of office by unlawfully authorising the substandard sugar.

public interest

Nzui was also charged with breach of trust while discharging his duties. The charge sheet says that between June 27 and July 11, he failed to ensure compliance by releasing the sugar before obtaining a certificate of the results of the analysis of samples by the Government Chemist.

They all denied the charges and pleaded with the court to grant them bail.

However, senior state prosecutor Yamina Jami rejected the plea, saying the matter was grave. Jami said the accused should remain in custody because the issue was a matter of public interest.

The state said some of the witnesses which the prosecution intends to use were yet to record statements and releasing the accused will hurt their case.

Jami asked the court to issue warrants of arrest against directors of Flora Bakers Limited who had not appeared before the court. Resident magistrate Christine Ogweno directed the DCI to arrest the two directors.



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