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February 18, 2019

Centre accused of mistreating children, misusing donations

A kid with marks on his hands allegedly mistreated at the orphanage
A kid with marks on his hands allegedly mistreated at the orphanage

An orphanage at Kilifi has been accused of mistreating children where they are allegedly beaten badly, burnt on their private parts when they pee on their beds and they are given little food in a day.

Addressing journalists at Bakarani area in Mombasa Village elder Faiza Mohamed said that she received complaints from mothers who had rescued 15 children from Hajarul Aswad orphanage after hearing that they are mistreated.

“There is one boy who has been beaten by a wire and his back has injuries, there is one who has been injured because he has been beaten because he did not have a book and one has confessed that they are eating two slices loaves of bread in the morning, at lunch they are given a little food and there is no supper for the kids,” Mohamed said.

She also said she was forced to take two of the kids to the hospital to receive medical attention as they were in bad condition.

She urged the government to ensure they do follow ups on orphanages to ensure they are not mistreated.

“I am urging the government to be conducting research on how the kids are living,” she said.

She accused some orphanages of taking advantage of the situation where they pretend to be opening an orphanage but make it a business by pleading for donations and when they get them they use them for their own benefits.

10-year-old Awadh Said with marks on his back said he was beaten thoroughly because he did not know how to read.

“When you pee on yourself, you are being burnt on your private parts,” he said.

He said his sister was one of the victims who had been burnt on her private parts.

The head of the orphanage Fatuma Sharif completely denied the claims saying that there are picture of children which have been going around social media of children with marks but they are not from her orphanage.

She mentioned one parent by the name Rehema Ali who is out to destroy her name and that she is the one spreading the pictures and spreading false information.

She claimed that Rehema Ali from Lamu had brought her kid without the required document and insisted on leaving the Kid.

“That is her mission she has problems and she just wants money you should help her,” the head of the orphanage said.

She claimed that Rehema Ali is spreading romours that she also other kids in the orphanage who are being mistreated.

Sharif said that the marks the kids had was a skin disease and no one was beaten by a wire.

“There is no one that is beating the kids with a wire. That was a skin disease and they were taken for medication,” she said.

She said her orphanage has rightfully been registered and she has evidence of the kids who had received treatment for the skin diseases.











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