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December 14, 2018

Nonini steps down as chair of PRISK board


Hubert Nakitare, alias Nonini, served as the board chairman of Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) until August 8, when he resigned following internal wrangles.

Nonini said infighting has crippled PRISK and the organisation no longer serves the best interests of Kenyan musicians.

The Genge rapper said PRISK excludes other agencies mandated with collecting royalties jointly with it as stipulated by the law. He told Word is, “CMOs should have given us our licences that mandate us to collect money from our musicians. The regulator [stipulates] that we collect money jointly. All these organisations [have] rights as holders but my board wants to collect alone and that is illegal because that is not what the regulator wants. Kecobo instructed us to collect our licence jointly, which shows that MPAKE is fully registered.”

Nonini will still serve as a director of PRISK but not as chairman.

“When my board makes a resolution to collect as KAMP and PRISK, I cannot support that as the chairman of PRISK and whenever they do something that is against our regulator, I will not rubber stamp it so my decision was to resign.”

PRISK is licensed by the Kenya Copyright Board to represent performers in musical and dramatic works. Its mandate include collection and distribution of royalties.

“I cannot continue serving in an illegal organisation that is going against the regulator because at the end of the day, we will have to go back to them to apply for our licence and if we did not follow the terms and conditions, when they gave us the previous licence, they will reject our licence.”

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