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February 21, 2019

Album Review: Eric Wainaina's "Dreams in Stereo"

Eric Wainaina's "Dreams in Stereo" album cover art
Eric Wainaina's "Dreams in Stereo" album cover art

Title: Dreams in Stereo

Artiste: Eric Wainaina

Genre: Pop

Release: July 27


From the beginning, Eric Wainaina seemed set for greatness. By the time he was releasing his second major full-length project, it was already a done deal. He was ranked among prodigies. Now, at the age of 44, he is back in a totally different format. If you were an avid listener of Eric’s earlier music, then you know his latest release, ‘Dreams In Stereo’, is a complete shift from what we are already used to, or what we loved him for.

Over time, he has been groomed and he now understands best how to create music that will certainly leave his fans in awe.

This album makes you think of legendary pop stars. Eric completely taps deep into a sound delivering an album topped up with the emotional impact. ‘Dreams in Stereo’ is meant to be Eric’s letter to his lover. The album kicks off with “Okay,” an ironically joyful tune, which allows Eric to feel like everything is all right, even after his lover has left. 

Joined by a hammy choir, “Hold Me Down” has elements of a stunning ballad, a warning from a lover who now seems to be giving up on a relationship. “Hallelujah People” makes the cut for enjoyable tunes on the album that are just enjoyable to listen to. It is John Nzenze, Kendi Nkonge and Blinky Bill’s inclusion in “Don’t Bury Me” that brightens our experience listening to the 41-minute album. 

It’s tracks like “Now That’s A Fire” and “Want You,Want You” that are destined to be instant hits on radio. If not, they will certainly get you on your feet dancing. 

It’s also important to note the impressive African guitar progressions that take over the climax of most tracks, like “Found Me A Lover”, which highlight the artiste as one who derives great inspiration from the African sound. The album closes with “Brand New Day,” a tune that inspires new hope. 

Judging from the album artwork and the awe-inspiring production involved, ‘Dreams in Stereo’ meets every set standard of a proper album. At first glance, the artwork completely does it for Eric’s latest creative direction. This kind of effort is much more convincing. This is history in the making, we finally have an album that can be considered globally. Truly, we have a masterpiece.


Star Rating: 

4 out of 5

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