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February 17, 2019

I was bewitched by my close friend - DJ Briggy


DJ Briggy, who has been in the industry for eight years now, once had a rough life encounter that would have left him dead were it not for his faith in God.

“Back in 2009 I was heading to work, and all of a sudden, I developed a severe headache. I went to work but the same pain caught me again at that particular night,” he told Word Is.

“I found myself at St Mary’s Hospital. I got so many scans and even a surgery but all in all, God came through.”

This did not stop there because the next time he fell sick, he became paralysed.

“I used to work in a club here in Nairobi. I was not saved but I would read the Bible so much. I fell sick while performing and I was paralysed for six months. I stayed in hospital and suffered a lot there, because I could not even feed myself. I had injections all over my body,” he said.

“After the six months I was still not healed, but the doctors told my family to just take me home because there was little chance of my survival, and my bill was increasing. So we went home with little hope for my family, but one day a pastor came and told my mum: ‘Your son is suffering but what is eating him is in here.’ He even directed my mum where to go.

“We were so curious and my sister decided to go and check. She found a small pot tied with banana leaves. We did not believe in witchcraft but what was that anyway? People came to witness but one of my close friends did not come. Instead yeye alijifungia kwake.

“After three days, the pastor came back and prayed for me. I became unconscious and slept for only two hours, and when I woke up, I stood up by myself. People said I was healed because of my faith.” He has even fallen sick while performing on the stage.

“Recently, I was performing at club 64 in town and again and all of a sudden, I started bleeding. I was taken to hospital and the doctor said no disease was present again,” he said.

“I knew this was the devil again. I started praying and the blood started coming out of my mouth. I was taken to Kenyatta, and almost six doctors did all my blood tests. No disease was present and I was bleeding so much, so I just asked for my Bible and started praying for myself and the following day, I was out of hospital. To me that is my God working.” 

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