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November 22, 2018

Mandela inspires my music – Nasty C

Nasty C
Nasty C

Nasty C, the Particular hitmaker, was in Nairobi for the Kaya Festival by Hype Exp and Mwanaume ni Effort. The 21-year-old South African rapper brought Nairobi to a standstill this past weekend. He opened up to Word Is about his relationship with Kenyan artistes. 

Is he set to do a collabo with any local artiste? “The more we get some vibe, and we connect and hang out, I’m pretty sure it will happen.” 

The singer has released his album Strings and Blings, in which he opens up about depression and insecurities. 

“In this new album I’m just being open. I finally got open with things like low self-esteem, insecurities. I’m not afraid to be judged for the things I say in my music. I’m super unapologetic. That makes it easier for me to talk about my real life experiences and being very personal with my music.” 

He adds, “One of my favourite songs in the album [was] shot here in Kenya.” 

The rapper said he was inspired by anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela. “Mandela inspired me by how he thought. His mentality. He was very strong to have gone through the stuff he went through and still [emerged] out better than other people. Seeing people as one and not seeing colour.” 

What advice would he tell his younger self? 

“I don’t need validation from anyone besides myself. Right now, I’m a lot wiser. Right now Young Thug, Adelle and Jay Z’s legacy inspire me.” 

What is his advice to upcoming Kenyan artistes? 

“My advice to them is to not get involved with everything that evolves around you, that doesn’t concern you. Make your head and heart a happy place.”

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