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January 21, 2019

Album Review: Jorja Smith's "Lost & Found"

Jorja Smith's "Lost & Found" album cover art
Jorja Smith's "Lost & Found" album cover art

Title: Lost & Found

Artiste: Jorja Smith

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release: June 8


Jorja Smith captures emotions like none other. At 20, her debut studio album, “Lost & Found”, is truly masterful. Leading up to the release, Jorja had already featured on high-profile projects with Drake, Kali Uchis, Khalid and Kendrick Lamar. 

‘Black Panther’ was a definite blockbuster and it was a great thing for her to be considered for the soundtrack. 

When Jorja sings, she leaves her audience in awe. Her approach is melodic and quite soulful. She inches away from the typical R&B sound and finds her voice in the contemporary space. The vibe she explores vividly captures various moods relatable to her audience. For a lass her age, you wonder how much depth she’s got going as she slides through each track.

The 12-track album kicks off with the project’s track title ‘Lost & Found,’ a track that questions her affection to her lover ,who she adores so much but she’s not sure about the relationship. ‘Teenage Fantasy’ was written when Jorja was only 16, but was released last year in June. Well, it’s just another track about love and heartbreak. 

‘February 3’ addresses her partners’ will to assume that their relationship doesn’t seem to work. This is emphasised on the essential track ‘Wandering Romance’, which focuses on an unstable romance between two people who seem to be in love. 

Her most successful single, ‘Blue Lights’, veers away from her relationships and focuses on police brutality. She also delivers a somber tune, ‘Goodbyes’, which is a tribute to those we’ve lost. 

Simply put, Jorja is a prodigy. The places she goes on “Lost & Found” really are special. This being her first full-length attempt, it proves to be a necessary step forward. Probably, she requires to tweak a few things and make the right strides to royalty. 

The full-length album goes down so smoothly that it might not actually scan as a debut. The project stands as an assured, artful snapshot of a particular rush of feelings, but its wisdom speaks volumes to Jorja Smith’s experience.


Star Rating: 3/5

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