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January 23, 2019

Disband ‘incompetent’ Mumias Sugar board, says ex-minister

Mumias Sugar Company Limited
Mumias Sugar Company Limited

Former Medical Services Minister Prof Amukowa Anangwe has called for disbanding Mumias Sugar Company’s board of directors. In a statement yesterday, he said the board is “incompetent and clueless” in handling challenges facing the company.

Anangwe said this is hurting sugarcane farmers in Mumias. He said some board members are being used by their benefactors to bring down the company in the long-run. Anangwe urged leaders from Western to demonstrate sincerity in dealing with sugarcane problems.

“Some seem to speak from both sides of their mouths. On the one hand, they purport to be working for the revival of the company,” he said. But a few are engaging in activities that hurt the company, Anangwe said.


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