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February 17, 2019

No health services as go-slow persists

Nyamira county Health CEC Douglas Bosire in a recent function.
Nyamira county Health CEC Douglas Bosire in a recent function.

Most operations at Nyamira county health facilities remain grounded as medics continue a three-week go-slow. demanding one-month pay arrears.

The medics boycotted work in late June demanding May and June salaries. Soon afterward, on July 5, two Cubans deployed in the county reported for duty and found services at a standstill.

Last week the medics were paid the arrears of one month, but they said they will not go back to work until they receive payment for the other month as well.

“Health workers throughout the county have decided to remain on the go-slow as they demand full payment for the two months,” Kenya National Union of Nurses Nyamira secretary Richard Oruta said.

“We know there is money but we do not understand why the county government wants to play games.”

At Nyamira County Referral Hospital only a handful of medics are attending to the few outpatients who turn up.

But Health executive Douglas Bosire said a good number of medics have returned to work in most facilities and most operations are up and running.

Our health workers will be fully paid soon and I hope those who have not resumed duty will do so as soon as they get their pay, he said.

Bosire denied claims that most facilities are grounded. 

“Our health workers have already come back to work and we are expecting those who have not reported back to do so, hence we do not have anything to worry about,” he said.

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