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November 21, 2018

Four teens found guilty of sexually assaulting Eastleigh doctor

A file photo of Makadara Law Courts.
A file photo of Makadara Law Courts.

A Makadara court has found four teenagers guilty of sexually assaulting a doctor in Eastleigh using a metal rod.

Mustafa Abdi, Abdalla Jama, Harun Ali and a minor were also found guilty of abduction and attempted rape following the crime two years ago.

In a ruling on Thursday, Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga acquitted them of robbery with violence charges saying the evidence was insufficient.

The case will be mentioned on July 31 for presentencing and mitigation.

The four allegedly committed the crime on July 14, 2016.

They denied the charges that year before Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga.

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