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January 19, 2019

Probe Rasanga for graft, says Gumbo

Former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo addressing residents at Simenya in Ugunja on Sunday
Former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo addressing residents at Simenya in Ugunja on Sunday
Your days are numbered, Gumbo tells Rasanga  
You will not celebrate my stolen victory for long before the law catches up with you, Former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo tells Siaya governor Cornell Rasanga.
Gumbo said with the war on corruption being intensified in the country Rasanga is soon going to face corruption charges for misusing county funds.
“Nobody can conformably eat a hot stolen ugali without burning his throat. Soon the truth shall be known,” said Gumbo.
Addressing residents at Simenya Ack church in Ugunja on Sunday, Gumbo disclosed that Rasanga has many corruption cases hanging on his head but with the current war on corruption he must be charged.
Gumbo said the fresh investigation should be launched to ascertain the actual cost of prefabricated building at the county headquarters that allegedly cost taxpayers Sh21.6 million.
He said the auditor general and EACC office must move with speed to also ascertain where the Sh100 million for the construction of headquarters Rasanga has said he will not construct.   
The former lawmaker added that the EACC should also ensure that Rasanga explains where the Sh75 millions meant for education bursary disbursed in 2017 went to.       
Gumbo said Rasanga and company might have managed to fan a smear campaign against him and stole his votes but his atrocities will not allow him in office for long.
He reminded Rasanga that denying him his deserving post as the Siaya governor through dubious means does not mean that the law is not at play.
Gumbo who pulled a surprise to residents mentioned that nowadays Raila Odinga is his number one friend in his new political realignment.
“I was shocked to hear my ODM friends whom we develop and strengthen the party together turning against and even inciting our party leader Riala Odinga against me,” Gumbo said.
Gumbo said he has learned that in prosperity your friends know you better while in adversity you know your friends better.
He added that losing the seat to Rasanga has not affected his day to day activity since his Engineering job still sustain him as he remains focused on initiating development at his capacity.
Gumbo said he has embarked on fulfilling development pledges he made to Siaya People during campaigns despite his victory being stolen.
Gumbo was accompanied by his running mate Tabman Otieno, Businessman Sam Kopot and former MCA Teresa Osore.
 “My dream to make a change to transform the county economically has not been shattered by the political predicament. I will use the little resources from my engineering job to deliver you from extreme poverty, hunger and diseases as we focus for the future,” he added.
The former legislator at the same time asked Simenya secondary school principal to forward lists of ten orphans for sponsorship.


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