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January 16, 2019

One dead, six hospitalised in Yatta cholera outbreak

"Thika River and the Yatta Canal are contaminated." /FILE
"Thika River and the Yatta Canal are contaminated." /FILE

One person died while six other cases of cholera were confirmed in an outbreak in in Yatta, Machakos County, on Tuesday.

The confirmations were at Matuu Level Four Hospital where the patients were admitted in an isolation room.

Machakos County Commissioner Matilda Sakwa said emergency response teams were deployed to educate people on the disease.

"Thika River and the Yatta Canal are contaminated. The Zion and Channia bottled water brands have also been confirmed contaminated," she said.

"Most disturbing is the admission by the county health team that they have no drugs, reagents, gloves, and disinfectants."

 Cholera is an old disease that first occurred in the Bengal region of India, near Calcutta starting in 1817 through 1824.

Since then it has mostly affected Africa and other developing countries particularly in informal settlements that have poor sanitation and water supply infrastructure. 

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