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January 19, 2019

Nakuru father taken by ‘police’ still missing

Lawyer Gordon Ogolla, Lilian Chemutai and Job Mochache, in Nakuru town on Wednesday / BEN NDONGA
Lawyer Gordon Ogolla, Lilian Chemutai and Job Mochache, in Nakuru town on Wednesday / BEN NDONGA

A Nakuru family wants the DCI and the police IG to find their missing father kidnapped from the dinner table on Tuesday night.

Timber transporter Fred Kinang’o, 34, was abducted from his Kiamunyi home in Nakuru West. He was eating with his family at 8pm.

The family says the kidnappers identified themselves as police officers from Kisii.

Lilian Chemutai said there was a knock on the door and three men walked in. “We did not know what they wanted,” Chemutai said. “When my husband asked, they said they had come to arrest him. They refused to show us identification documents and took him away.”

stressed, no answers

Chemutai said, “We have been looking for him since he was taken. I have been trying to avoid questions from my children on the whereabouts of their father.”

“I’m a miserable mother, I’m so stressed that I cannot focus on my children. He was the sole breadwinner.”

Kinang’o’s uncle Job Mochache said they fear they may soon receive bad news. Kingang’o’s phone has been switched off since he was taken.

Mochache said when they visited the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nakuru, Kinang’o’s phone was traced to Kiambu and later to Murang’a.

He said if Kinang’o had broken the law, he should have been charged in court.

“Why would they abduct him? What wrong had he done? He was a humble and God-fearing man. What do they want? We plead with the authorities to help us,” Mochache said.

Family lawyer Gordon Ogolla  said documents at the Nakuru police station indicated Kingang’o had been booked and was taken away at 3am without further details.

“We need the Kisii DCI to explain why the officers were sent to Nakuru,” Ogolla said.

“It is a worrying incident. The abductors claimed they were police officers from Kisii,” Ogolla said.

He said he is following up, and pleaded with the DCI and IG Joseph Boinnet to intervene.

not a law breaker

The lawyer said that in 2016,  Kinang’o’s sister-in-law had accused him of kidnapping her child.

It was later found to be a mistake and the child was safe.

The lawyer said the kidnap case was the only one that might link Kinang’o with breaking the law. 

Nakuru police chief Samuel Obara said he is not aware of the incident. “The incident has not been reported to me, therefore, I cannot comment,” he said.

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