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January 18, 2019

Unity pact faces threats from selfish politicians, says Raila

Opposition leader Raila Odinga with Retired Mwai Kibaki at Kibakis home on April 24,2018./EVANS OUMA
Opposition leader Raila Odinga with Retired Mwai Kibaki at Kibakis home on April 24,2018./EVANS OUMA

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga yesterday admitted his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta was being threatened by selfish politicians.

In his speech at Cambridge University in London, he warned that perpetrators of historical injustices have ganged up to suffocate his deal with Uhuru.

The deal has been named Building the Bridges Initiative.

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Raila said the unity pact faces threats from a crop of politicians opposed to change.

He, however, expressed confidence that his deal with Uhuru would herald a new dawn for Kenyans and be a worthy example for other African nations to emulate.

“It is our hope that the handshake could inspire other African nations struggling with problems similar to those of Kenya,” he said.

Raila dismissed claims he was angling for political power under his arrangement with the President, saying creating a stable nation is the sole reason for the Building the Bridges Initiative.

A section of politicians have accused Raila of seeking a piece of government through the backdoor.

The former PM said he and Uhuru are committed to address historical issues that have created bitter divisions.

Raila said they examined the country’s historical issues and arrived at an understanding that they swallow their pride for the sake of future generations.

"We agreed that we have to make these changes if we are to have a nation. We are not in any way deluded that these changes will come easy," he said.

"There will be opposition and resistance because the issues we want to tackle go to the core of how Kenya has been run over the past five decades."

Raila said they agreed with Uhuru that time to reflect on Kenya’s performance in the search of justice, unity, peace, liberty and prosperity has come.

“We came to the conclusion that our diversity appeared destined to be a curse to ourselves today and to our children tomorrow, unless we confront them,” he said.

The NASA chief said the differences were becoming too entrenched “yet no two Kenyans can agree on the origins of the differences and what they portend."

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