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January 18, 2019

End this 2022 talk and get down to work

DP Ruto William Ruto in Eldoret./FILE
DP Ruto William Ruto in Eldoret./FILE

Our politicians are masters of doublespeak. On every occasion, from harambees to funerals, they never miss an opportunity to proclaim the election over and declare the country no longer in campaign mode. And shame on those who selfishly politick.

They declare that they are solely dedicated, heart and soul, to their constituents' economic and social well-being. All they yearn to do is fight poverty, improve food security, water supply and throw crooks in jail.

But since March 9, when President Uhuru and opposition leader Raila Odinga shook hands and declared cooperation for the sake of Kenya, most politicians have dropped all pretence of working for the people. Perhaps some pay lip service to development.

 Its full-throttle politics. They are speculating, scheming and debating 2022 succession. What does the handshake really mean? Who's up? Who's down? And what about Raila's meeting with Moi? Are alliances shifting? What does that portend?

All this talk does not portend well for Kenya. We appeal to politicians to concentrate on their jobs because the time to debate the presidential candidate is far in the future. What they are doing now is like dancing yourself lame before the real dance begins.












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