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February 19, 2019

Corridors of Power

IEBC Commissioner Boya Molu.
IEBC Commissioner Boya Molu.

Just why would an IEBC Commissioner refuse to answer 10 calls made to his mobile telephone and eventually block the number? Commissioner Bola Molu yesterday blocked a number of one our editors who sought his comment on the suspension of CEO Ezra Chiloba? The behaviour by the commissioner who heads the human resources committee raised questions especially because he is a public officer. We are told that the Commissioner is one of those who is pushing Ezra out for reasons best known to him.


DID a law firm associated with IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati do some work for the commission? If so, were its services procured? These are some of the questions staff at IEBC are asking after Chebukati and three commissioners suspended CEO

Ezra Chiloba. We are told that although the firm has previously denied any association with Chebukati, those in the know say

there is a clear link. Still on matters IEBC, another company associated with another commissioner has been paid millions of shillings

for supplying goods that were used in the last election. The commissioner personally pushed for the awarding of the tender and followed up payments to the company.


chairman of a parastatal has become restless as the end of his tenure draws near.The former MP from Nyanza, who believes he has no chance of being reappointed, has panicked after efforts to reach a senior community leader to pursue his matter were unsuccessful. When Corridors of Power caught up with him heading to a senior CS’s office last week, he appeared thoughtful and unease. He could be seen in deep soliloquy, days to the expiry of his term at the helm of the influential state corporation. May the President have mercy upon him and extend his tenure.


IS a youthful CAS trying to outshine his boss at a ministry located in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area? An employee of the ministry hinted to Corridors of Power that the Cabinet Secretary is unhappy with the conduct of the Chief Administrative Secretary, especially his decision to issue a statement to the press a few days ago without first seeking authorisation. While the CS is yet to formally raise the issue, it has emerged that the CAS has sensed danger and has of late kept off his office and told his friends that he plans to engage the presidency over the matter. Is it that some CSs fear their CASs who command some political clout, or is it that they look down upon them as political failures? Well, only timewill tell.


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