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January 19, 2019

Corridors of Power

Cord leader Raila Odinga./courtesy
Cord leader Raila Odinga./courtesy

YESTERDAY, we told you of an MP from South Nyanza whose mastery of the Queen’s English is in doubt and who faces a curse from the elders for a scuffle in which mourners were injured last weekend. Corridors have further been informed that one of the bishops assaulted during the funeral has succumbed to his injuries, further worsening the situation. Furious locals are now calling on Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to intervene to bring the culprits to book. It is alleged that local police have become complacent after being compromised by the suspects.


IS the Environment ministry headed for a collision with MPs over a plan to hive off a key department and hand it over to the Presidency? Corridors are informed of the grumbling at the ministry amid murmurs that the powerful committee on the Environment could be behind a scheme to whittle down the influence of the ministry. Some committee members are said to be keen on having the Kenya Water Towers Agency moved to the Office of the President, which is being resisted by top ministry officials. There are claims that the agency, which receives billions in funding from the public coffers, is being targetted by cartels who want to swindle taxpayers. They can only do that if it is within their reach, it is assumed.


JUST why has an influential CS shunned courtesy calls by people from his county and decided to go quiet all of a sudden? In an uncharacteristic manner, the CS has denied a number of his former buddies audience, including Jubilee politicians, from his home county. Our little bird tells Corridors that the CS is furious at Jubilee politicians after sensitive information he shared with them leaked out. The CS had promised the politicians lucrative tenders and even asked them to register briefcase NGOs in an elaborate scheme to siphon off public funds before abruptly going quiet.


DID some Opposition lawmakers become overnight millionaires during the Uhuru-Raila political standoff? It is reported that a section of MPs had turned Raila’s swearing-in bid into a bargaining tool to solicit handouts from Jubilee. One of the Opposition MPs was overheard bragging how he got some Sh5 million by viciously opposing the swearing-in plans and then going silent. The strategy was that while during the day they pushed for Raila’s inauguration, at night they visited Harambee Avenue in the evening for handout money on the promise that they would scuttle the swearing-in. A first-term MP is rumoured to have bought a house in Eastlands.

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