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January 18, 2019

Kenyan tech firm launches online first online integrated order taking app

Oracom Web Solutions CEO Alphonce Juma(left) with some of his staff at their offices
Oracom Web Solutions CEO Alphonce Juma(left) with some of his staff at their offices

A Kenyan tech company has launched MyBIGOrder, the first integrated order taking App started and owned by Kenyans.

The products/services ordering App comprises of the merchant App, drivers app and customer app and was developed by Oracom Kenya Web Solutions.

Speaking to the Star in his office yesterday, Alphonce Juma, the CEO of Oracom said he has tried designing the app for the past six years without success. 

The buyer logs in to the platform and makes an order.

The order request goes to both the merchant and the drivers. The merchant then assigns the nearest driver to do the delivery.

"We have 80 merchants who have signed up in just two weeks," Juma said.

The app uses geo-fencing, a technology that uses the buyers' exact location to locate businesses near them.

It also helps buyers to acquire goods and services directly from the manufacturer without involving middlemen.

The e-commerce App is meant to cut off doing of businesses physically by connecting sellers to more consumers.

For business owners who want to sign up, a membership fee of between Sh450 and 450,000 is charged.

For instance, if you pay a subscription of Sh450, you will be allowed to post only five products and sell to not more than 15 people.

"Once the buyer makes an order, the delivery is made in a record of time. The estimated maximum time is 30 minutes because the goods and services are acquired from the nearest merchant," he said.

According to Juma, using the app saves on purchasing time, grows sales, helps in promoting businesses and brands and is convenient.

In addition, it is effective in reducing costs since it has an automated delivery system.

The company has a customer support centre operating 24 hours where customers can communicate either via WhatsApp, texts, calls, live chats and Webinars.

The app is said to be safe for customers because there are no cons, and buyers have 24 hours to make complains and where possible get their money back.

Means of payment include by cheque, credit card, cash on delivery and M-PESA. 

"Our focus is not just buying and selling of goods and services, we also hope to create employment opportunities for riders, pickup owners, bicycle owners and messengers who will be doing the delivery," Juma added.


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