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January 17, 2019

Corridors of Power

Abdikadir Mohammed.
Abdikadir Mohammed.

DID President Uhuru Kenyatta’s former legal adviser on Constitutional Affairs - Abdikadir Mohammed - decline his posting to South Korea as Kenya’s envoy? Well, word on the street is the former MP could be uninterested in the job. He has not been vetted by Parliament like other nominees

and nobody is offering any explanation for his omission. Or maybe the President changed his mind and the soft-spoken former chairman of the Constitution Implementation Oversight Committee will soon land another posting. Well, a city lawyer was heard whispering that Abdikadir

and Attorney General Githu Muigai had slipped out of the President’s inner circle and he would not be surprised if the man is not taking up the

job because he is already an alien anyway.


IS a powerful senior government official behind the push for the reinstatement of embattled Kenyatta National Hospital CEO Lily Koros? This is the question some opposition MPs were heard asking. The speculation arises from the unexpected, but loud, agitation by the majority of Rift Valley MPs, MCAs and governors for the reinstatement of Koros, who was sent on compulsory leave pending investigations after doctors conducted brain surgery on the wrong patient. Some analysts who follow Jubilee politics were heard saying the lawmakers are ganging up for selfish

reasons. Could they be eyeing the multi-billion shilling KNH tenders?


IT’S former Ombudsman chairman Otiende Amollo who once urged constitutional commissions to guard their independence jealously. But it seems he didn’t make sense to some institutions. Well, sources whisper to Corridors a Chief Administrative Secretary appointed recently by President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken over the office of a CEO

of a constitutional commission. The CAS, a former politician, is said to have been given an office but refused and insisted that at his rank, the only office good enough for him is that occupied by the CEO. It’s not clear how the CEO and his commissioners easily gave in, but it has sent some tongues wagging in the ministry.


AN outspoken Jubilee MP who has been a fierce critic of Deputy President William Ruto got a taste of his own medicine in his own backyard recently. The man found himself on the receiving end from a church congregation last Sunday. Corridors has learned the lawmaker found himself in trouble after worshipers booed him for criticising

Ruto’s 2022 Presidential bid. A mole whispered to Corridors close confidants of the DP were openly celebrating the MP’s humiliation.

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