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January 22, 2019

I enjoyed raw liver and didn't deworm - Petra

Rapper Petra
Rapper Petra

Rapper Petra says she "had fun" eating raw meat on the set of her music video Rider, which features Khaligraph Jones.

During a radio interview at Kiss FM with Chito Ndhlovu, Petra said, "Shooting the video was fun and we actually munched on raw liver with food colouring."

Adding, "I did not deworm later because I forgot. I did not feel it was disgusting like some other things I have ever done, like the truth or dare game, where you are told to drink some concoctions which you do not even know what they are."

She addressed a comment made by rapper Octopizzo, who belittled their effort in the new song, saying "they did nothing" on the jam.

She termed that negative. "So many people had positive feedback concerning that jam. I would not think of our jam that way, because a lot of work was put into it, and it's the whole country that we are pushing forward with our music. If we start dissing each other na bado hatujafika, it's the country we are pushing down."

Asked about the industry beefs, Petra said, "My thought on the Kenyan music industry is that beef is weakening the craft. Because most people will be saying the media is not playing our music but playing Nigerian or Tanzanian music. It's because those artistes from those countries do not hate on their fellow countrymen in the same field, but its always like Nigerians against the world and not themselves.

"In Kenya, it always looks like we are fighting amongst ourselves, and then we end up not growing. Beef is not helping at all and it is actually pulling us down. We do not support each other like other countries."

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