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November 17, 2018

MP flags off construction of Sh100 million tarmacked road in Lamu East

Lamu East MP Athman Shariff flags off construction of the road /PRAXIDES CHETI
Lamu East MP Athman Shariff flags off construction of the road /PRAXIDES CHETI

Construction of the Sh100 million Mtangwanda Junction-Kizingitini Island road in Lamu East has started.

The project is financed by the Equalisation Fund that accelerates development in poor counties, including Lamu. The 38Km road will connect Mtangwanda, Siyu, Faza and Kizingitini islands.

The region has not had a tarmacked road since Independence.

Lamu East MP Athman Shariff yesterday said the road will open up many areas in Lamu East that have been inaccessible.

He was speaking during the launch of the project at the Mtangawanda Junction. Shariff said the project comes after many years of push and shove.

For 55 years residents have had to contend with mud when it rains and dust during the dry season, plus the attendant cold and flu. Travelling has been a nightmare, with a 20-minute journey taking one hour. “I am humbled to launch construction of the Mtangwanda-Kizingitini road. Our efforts to have this road mapped and subsequently budgeted for construction dates back to 2014,” Shariff said.


“We sincerely convey our deepest gratitude to the national government for this. This road will be a major link for all villages of Pate Island. It’s our belief that the road will enhance mobility.”

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority is currently building the first tarmacked road in Mokowe town, Lamu West.

Construction of the Sh1.1 billion 15km road began in May last year and is expected to be completed by November. The road is already 10 per cent complete. Residents are upbeat the road will open up more opportunities for them, already hundreds of youths have been employed as casuals.

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