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November 17, 2018

Houses burnt and school shut in fresh border clash

Some of the houses that were destroyed on Sunday /STEPHEN ASTARIKO
Some of the houses that were destroyed on Sunday /STEPHEN ASTARIKO

Learning has been disrupted in a primary school in Janju, Lagdera subcounty, after a fresh border dispute. 

The dispute is between Isiolo and Garissa residents.

The Janju Primary School yesterday was closed after 30 armed attackers burnt 19 houses on Sunday at 5pm, leaving more than 200 families homeless.

It is not clear if anyone was hurt.

Most residents were out grazing.

The attackers burnt food, personal effects, school uniforms, cash, solar panels and other house hold items.

Residents have urged the government and well-wishers to step in and provide them with temporary shelter and food.

Some women and children have taken refuge at the nearby Barkoge village and Modogashe town.

Elder Omar Siyat urged the national government to hasten the process of recruiting more Kenya Police Reservists in Garissa.

Lagdera deputy county commissioner Jackson ole Chutta said the government is still verifying personal characters of 60 KPRs, whose names were forwarded to the Office of Inspector General.

He said they are pursuing the Sunday attackers.

There have been conflicts over grazing fields and watering points in the recent past, but it has never degenerated into arson, although lives were lost and animals stolen.

Area MP Mohammed Hire ruled out friction over pasture and water.

He said there could be a hidden motive from the Isiolo side and urged the security team to speed up recruitment of the KPRs so they can supplement what police are doing.








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