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January 16, 2019

Tilisi to provide low cost warehouses

Kenya power workers on site. / FILE
Kenya power workers on site. / FILE

Tilisi developments has said it will provide plug-and-play plots to cut costs for companies in need of new warehouses.

 Chief executive Kavit Shah said the arrangement will see struggling companies save up to @h23 million in electricity connections alone, and help bring higher quality buildings.

According to Kenya power, the cost to connect companies to a greenfield industrial site to electricity is Sh10m to Sh15million for transmission lines extension and Sh6million to Sh8million for the industrial transformer.

“The warehousing park will provide water drainage, sewage, water or electricity connection enabling high-speed building,” Tilisi’s Ranee Nanji said.

He added that internet fiber has been installed to every plot allowing developers to get instant fiber Internet connections and installation of smart metering on the power and water.

The project is expected to be complete in July and will include street lighting, security fencing and cameras, pre-installed internet connections and footpaths.


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