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December 11, 2018

Petrol cost up by Sh2.13 in January review

A file photo of an attendant offloading petrol at a station in Mombasa. /Elkana Jacob
A file photo of an attendant offloading petrol at a station in Mombasa. /Elkana Jacob

Motorists will pay more for fuel in the latest review by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The price of super petrol jumped the most by Sh2.13 per litre, while diesel and kerosene costs increased by Sh2.39 and Sh3.36 per litre respectively in the mid month review.

In Nairobi, drivers will pay Sh106.30, from Sh104.17, per litre of super petrol and Sh94.82 from the previous Sh92.44 for diesel. They will pay Sh74.78 for kerosene.

In the port city of Mombasa, they will be charged Sh103.01 from December's Sh100.89 for petrol and Sh91.55 from Sh89.17 for diesel, while kerosene will retail at Sh72.01.

In Kisumu, super petrol's cost has been caped at Sh108.24, diesel at Sh96.99 and kerosene at Sh76.69. 

Nakuru motorists will be charged Sh106.99 for petrol, Sh95.74 for diesel and Sh75.62 for kerosene.

The regulator attributed the higher prices to higher crude oil prices in the international market.

 "The free on board price of Murban crude oil lifted in December 2017. It was posted at $64.85 (Sh6,682) per barrel, an increase of 1.89 per cent, from $63.65 (Sh6559) per barrel in October," ERC said in a statement.

"The rise has been caused by increased import costs, with super petrol going up by 3.99 per cent to $661.63 per tonne in December from $636.22 in November."

The cost of importing kerosene went up 6.36 per cent to $616.51 per tonne and that of diesel rose by 4.63 per cent to $568.82 from 543.63 per tonne last year.

ERC director general Robert Oimeke said the rise in value of the dollar was also a factor to consider.

“The mean monthly US dollar to Kenya shilling exchange rate appreciated by 0.30 per cent from Sh103.43 per dollar in November 2017 to Sh103.12 in December."

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