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December 11, 2018

Trendsetters: Comedy meets gospel

Kaymo and Stigah
Kaymo and Stigah

If Kaymo and Stigah conformed to the typical way of doing music, it’s more likely that they wouldn’t stand out — let alone stand a chance of making any significant mark in the music industry.

They might not be the first to use this approach, it might not be unique to them, but their inclusion of comedy in their music is so good, you’d disregard any other gospel artistes who’ve gone down that road.

With a perfect combination of biblical narrations and playful exhibition, 2016 found the two artistes going viral with the track “Thitima”. It was their first real step into the mainstream scene, an effort that actually got them hanging around prominence. The hit was major to the extent of keeping the chant alive with a Christmas version of the track.

Well, Kaymo and Stigah have now identified with this particular style of making music. Setting themselves up nicely for the scene, tracks like “Tamu” and “Gathigiriri” have proved they have a lot to tell. 

They have even gone ahead to release solo projects like Stigah’s “Yes Kidole” and Kaymo’s “Kanashika,” which features Collo, a clear indication that they can thrive individually. 

They’ve created their own line where they can rule. They have placed comedy at the forefront of their sound — which perhaps is an effective way to “spread the gospel”. The duo understands how to create music that you can’t get out of your head. They get ahead on the merits of endless ambition, originality and wit.

Kaymo and Stigah win over close listeners and anyone who identifies with their shtick, which is probably the perfect concept for the party-loving millennials. 

They are socially aware of what’s happening in the world, an element they skillfully embody in their storytelling. But, perhaps, the energy overshadows the messages.

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