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December 17, 2018

Trends: Fancy having a photo of your loved one as your nail polish?

Attendee gets nail printing sample
Attendee gets nail printing sample

How would you like to have the photo of your husband and children on your nails, so you can go through the day feeling the love at your fingertips, literally?

Well, DMM Kenya has launched a technology that allows you to do just that because regular nail polish is so yesterday.

Launched at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, on Tuesday, the mobile nail printer will retail at Sh85,000.

Attendees got a chance to sample the product and it is similar to gel nail polish, but with the added feature of using mobile designs a manicurist would otherwise be unable to replicate.

There are three requirements to enable you to paint your nails with the mobile nail printer: a smart phone that has access to WiFi, the DMM Kenya app, which has a variety of designs to choose from, and the machine itself.



Here is how the process goes:

1. If you have nail polish or gel nails, the nail technician will remove it using acetone or normal nail polish remover

2. A base coat is put on your nails

3. A gel-based layer is added

4. Each finger is put under a UV light, just like for gel nails

5. Each finger is put under the machine that will connect to the mobile phone with the app which has about 800 designs to choose from

6. You can pick a design from there, or from your photo gallery. You will need to hold still for 35 seconds for each nail as the printer scans the image on your phone onto your nail.



The nail polish lasts the same amount of time gel nails would — between two weeks and a month, depending on the amount of domestic duties you do (washing clothes, dishes, etc.)

DMM is a Japanese company that wants to take manicures to the next level. The Kenyan affiliate was set up in September.

Its selling point is that it says the technology saves time because a manicurist is not needed. The machine is not heavy — about 1.6kg.

The machine needs ink, and one cartridge can paint up to 800 nails.

To accompany the equipment, you would have to buy an ink cartridge, single nail tip holder, power adapter, nail mask, print gel, base colour gel and base gel.

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