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October 19, 2018

Three Laws of Money


The day Lehman Brothers went down, I got an alarming call from a friend in Boston. We were shocked. We didn’t see it coming. Before the closure,Lehman Brothers had been operational for 158 years with over $600billion in assets. The news sent ripples across the financial world. It changed my life.

For the first time, it dawned on me that any company, of any size or length of duration, can go down. Previously, I felt large businesses were simply too big to fail.

If size and length of existence isn’t enough to sustain a business, what can? One simple answer is: money laws. Whatever the issues, if these three money laws are broken, any business would go down. They are: make money, manage money, multiply money. If you’re not able to make, manage and multiply money consistently, you can’t sustain wealth long term.

Law One: Make Money – Do you know how to make money? Are you capable of creating something that guarantees consistent pay for you and others? This is an important skill to have in the wealth creation process. The ability to legally make money through enterprise is a key economic driver. If you don’t know how to make money, your financial future is endangered. So, it helps to learn to increase your money-making capacity. Know what problems to solve to get paid. Acquire the skills necessary to make your value cash worthy.

Law Two: Manage Money – Once, I only knew how to make money and wasn’t skilled at managing it. Some people are challenged that way. Their gifts open doors and bring in cash, but poor management skills keeps them broke. In the wealth creation process, managing money is as important as making it – and spending it all isn’t a strategy. Usually, people who know how to manage what they make, do better than those who earn much more but lack money management skills. Making money isn’t enough, if you can’t manage it, wealth creation would be difficult to achieve.

Law Three: Multiply Money – You make good money, you manage it well, now what are your plans to multiply, increase or grow it? There are ways to increase your funds. There are different investment opportunities to explore. Find the ones that suit you. The idea is to find an avenue for your money to increase over time. That way, wealth accrues without your direct physical involvement. If you only earn and manage without a financial growth machine in place, wealth creation is unlikely.

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